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• 3/13/2019
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• 12/6/2018

So wait

I just finished Quarantine (p1) and Dr. Lim appears to be dead what’s up with that? Do you guys think she’s dead or nah?

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• 7/16/2018
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• 4/10/2018


Hola, que tal, me llamo David
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• 4/10/2018


hola me llamo David
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• 4/10/2018

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• 4/10/2018

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• 4/10/2018


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• 4/10/2018


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• 11/19/2017

The Good Doctor

I was surprised that this wiki was so small when I discovered it. We need more articles! The Good Doctor is an awesome show!!
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• 11/7/2017

good doctor and grey's anatomy

do you think the series will have the same scores as grey's anatomy and will last as long?
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• 10/25/2017

What's Andrews' Game?

I'm curious about the exchange between Glassman and Andrews and in a later episode, Andrews speaks to Shaun and Brown:
"Just a friendly warning I know you have no interest in helping Shaun. You figure you'll give him a little authority, he'll screw something up, and then you'll be done with him, and then you'll be done with me."
"Either way, if he succeeds, I'm the guy who just backed him. And if he fails, I'm the president."
"I’m guessing Melendez doesn’t let you know this enough but you both are doing a great job and if either of you need anything even just to talk my door’s always open."

Just what is Andrews' game? He seems to be a threat in the first conversation and an ally in the second. Is there something between the lines I'm not reading?
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• 9/9/2017

This Wikia

I will spread the word about this wikia.
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