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"36 Hours" is the third episode of Season 2 of The Good Doctor. It is the twenty-first episode overall, and aired on October 8, 2018.


Dr. Melendez, Dr. Brown and Dr. Park have given a young married couple two choices about their future: save the wife’s life or their future ability to start a family. Meanwhile, when Dr. Lim has to take care of some personal business, she leaves oversight of the emergency room to Dr. Murphy and Dr. Reznick. Dr. Glassman’s post-op recovery leaves him struggling to get the rest he needs for recovery and also confronting his relationship with his daughter.[2]



Guest Starring


  • Alvina August as Nurse Paikin
  • Teryl Rothery as J.L.
  • Sari Mercer as Gina Porter
  • Malik McCall as Bailiff
  • Steve Baran as Deputy Harris
  • Laura O'Reilly as Female Inmate
  • Caio De Figueiroa as Angel
  • Isa Sanchez as Elena
  • Takaya White as Inez
  • Gregory Taven as Angry Drunk Guy
  • Leslie Dos Remedios as Female Tree Trimmer
  • Damoon Gomari as Taco Truck Guy


  • Lim reffering his act,talking about a boy with a lightbulb,stuck on his mouth.This was referring to "Uncle Jester" character in the old tv series,The Addams Family.



Behind the Scenes



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