Dr. Alex Park is a ex-cop who decided to become a doctor. He was a police officer for 15 years before deciding to switch to medicine. He has a cynical personality because he has seen the worst of people. He has a teenage son named Kellan with whom he is estranged. In "Quarantine," Park's son comes for a visit at Christmastime and becomes trapped in the ER when a viral outbreak creates a quarantine. In "Quarantine: Part Two," after Kellan suffers an asthma attack, Park risks his life and his job to break quarantine and help Kellan. Park performs a bone marrow extraction on a father whose regrets regarding his family mirror Park's own. After the man dies of complications, Park reconciles with his son who had helped Shaun save a mother and newborn baby. At the end of the quarantine, Park for once allows himself to become emotional over what he has experienced and accepts comfort from his ex-wife Mia when she arrives to pick up Kellan. In "Aftermath," Park begins a reconciliation of his marriage with Mia.


Early LifeEdit

At some point in his life, he met Mia Wuellner and the two got married and had a son, Kellan Park. Sometime later, Alex caught his wife with another man and the two separated.[2] Park worked in the police force for 15 years before coming to the decision that he wanted to go into medicine and went to medical school. Once graduating, he got a job as a surgical resident at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, where he worked alongside his attending, Dr. Matt Coyle.[1] Park's father is a Tai-Kwan Do Grand Master who trained Park in the art growing up.[3]

Season 1Edit

After Dr. Matt Coyle was transferred out of the department due to allegations about sexual harassment, Alex Park along with the other residents on his service, including Morgan Reznick were redistributed to other attendings. Both Alex and Morgan were eventually transferred to Dr. Neil Melendez.[1]

Season 2Edit


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