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"I have dealt with men undermining my authority my entire career. We shouldn't do it to one another, too."
—Audrey Lim[src]

Dr. Audrey Lim is the Chief of Surgery at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. She is an attending trauma surgeon who replaced Dr. Jackson Han as the Chief of Surgery.


Early Life

Little is known about Lim's early life. As stated in Heartfelt, she grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. She was married to a man named Kashal at one point, and ended up getting divorced.

Season 1

During "Apple," Claire Browne comes into conflict with Lim over a patient, a shooter in an armed robbery involving Shaun and the patient’s racist behavior. Claire's actions cause Lim to publicly berate her and assign Claire to watch over the patient which proves fortuitous as the man's neck swells and he nearly suffocates. Lim arrives after Claire cuts open his neck to relieve the pressure and recognizes the problem as a rare complication that can occur and states its why she had Claire monitor the man. Later, Claire publicly apologizes to Lim in the operating room for her behavior. Lim not only accepts Claire's apology, but extends an olive branch to the young resident by acknowledging how much of a racist the man had been.

Season 2

During season 2, Lim and Melendez begin a burgeoning romance, starting with drinks at a bar after Andrews decides to remain Chief of Surgery which ends with them sleeping together. Though they agree to remain friends afterwards, after Lim nearly dies, they both admit to having a deeper affection for one another.

In "Quarantine," Lim locks down the ER after a deadly virus kills two passengers from a flight from Malaysia. Lim, Shaun, Morgan and two nurses are left as the only medical personnel inside of the lockdown, particularly after Morgan's new love interest, Tyler Durness, falls ill with the virus. Lim works with Morgan to treat Tyler unsuccessfully and tries to comfort Morgan after Tyler dies. Lim subsequently realizes that she too is infected and isolates herself, leaving Shaun and Morgan to treat the patients trapped in the quarantine by themselves. After Santa Pete's bowel obstruction turns into a bowel perforation, Morgan is forced to perform emergency surgery in the ER with Lim guiding her from inside of her isolation room. Lim suddenly collapses while talking Morgan through a crucial part of the surgery.

In "Quarantine: Part Two," Morgan is able to successfully complete the surgery with Shaun's help and attempts to treat the critically-ill Lim with the help of Andrews over the phone. Morgan is left extremely worried about Lim's chances, particularly as the CDC's suggested treatment is the same one that failed to save Tyler and the passengers, but Andrews holds out hope as they caught Lim's infection early and have more time to treat her. While covering Tyler's body on Lim's orders, Morgan discovers that Tyler got infected due to a torn mask and thus the virus is not airborne; subsequently, Lim becomes the last person infected with the virus.

Despite Morgan's best efforts, Lim goes into respiratory failure and Morgan suggests using extracorporeal membrane oxygenation or echmo to oxygenate Lim's blood outside of her body and give Lim's lungs more time to heal. Though reluctant, Andrews talks Morgan through the procedure and Lim is also put on a ventilator for a brief time. A worried Melendez later has Morgan show him the still-unconscious Lim through FaceTime. After Shaun succeeds in delivering a baby via a difficult C-section, Morgan becomes alarmed when Lim's alarms go off and rushes to her side. To Morgan's shock, Lim has regained consciousness and asks for some water while fixing the monitor lead which had fallen off of her finger. Lim compliments her resident on the "ballsy move" of using echmo to treat her. Lim survives the virus and is later visited by Melendez as she recovers.

In "Aftermath," Lim continues to recover from the virus while facing a possible license suspension for tranquilizing a man during the quarantine. Lim works to maintain a professional distance from Melendez, frustrating him, especially since she rebuffs even his friendly concern as a friend and colleague. Lim eventually admits that she's had feelings for Melendez for a long time, but fears acting upon them due to her previous failed relationship and divorce. Melendez admits to feeling the same and they decide to begin a secret relationship with each other. When Lim is finally released from the hospital, Melendez picks her up and they drive off together.

In "Faces," Lim and Melendez have to work with their residents and Andrews to perform a face transplant from a brain dead patient onto a patient with a destroyed face. The fact that Melendez chose to defer to her judgment in their initial treatment of the brain dead patient causes Lim to question their relationship, but she decides against ending it.

In "Risk and Reward," the hospital gains a new Chief of Surgery in Doctor Jackson Han who works with Lim and her team on treating a baby with severe birth defects. After Shaun's troubles with empathy lead him to get into trouble with Han, Lim defends Shaun to her new boss and tries to keep him out of further trouble while at the same time, advocating that they withdraw care from the baby who Lim fears can't be saved and will only die slower from their attempts to help. Though Lim is able to fix the baby's bowels, her main concern, the baby's heart and lung troubles cause her to apparently be beyond their ability to save and the parents agree to discontinue treatment. However, at the last moment, Shaun comes up with a way for the team to successfully save the baby.

In "Breakdown," Lim continues to refuse to disclose her relationship with Melendez, even after Han's intervention clears them both with the medical board. Lim even panics at the thought that Shaun witnessed them together though this proves not to be the case. At the same time, Lim treats the newborn daughter of her old friend Laura who displays signs of shaken baby syndrome. Despite Laura's insistence that she never harmed her baby, Lim calls the police when the tests prove otherwise. Shaun ultimately exonerates Laura, determining that it was actually a birth complication, not abuse. Lim apologizes to her friend for not believing her and Laura accuses Lim of being unable to be vulnerable with anyone or to commit herself to a relationship which led to the demise of Lim's marriage to Kashal. Laura's words hit Lim hard and she decides to tell Andrews about her relationship with Melendez, finally committing herself to it.

In "Trampoline," Lim and Melendez make their relationship public by kissing in the middle of the ER and she treats a patient who attacked Shaun at a bar. After Shaun collapses from his injuries, Lim joins Melendez and Claire in trying to figure out what Shaun had been trying to say about the patient's condition and rejects Claire's suggestion of waking Shaun up as it could put his life in danger. At the end of the day, Andrews fires Han and rehires Shaun, leaving the position of Chief of Surgery open. Melendez points out that one of them could be offered the position, but it would put their relationship in jeopardy due to one of them ending up in a position of power over the other. After Lim admits that she wouldn't turn down the job, Melendez reveals that he already has in favor of her. Lim receives a call from Ms. Aoki offering her the position of Chief of Surgery as Melendez predicts, but it leaves the future of their relationship uncertain.

Season 3

In "Disaster," Lim's new job as Chief of Surgery causes her and Melendez to go to HR to officially break up. However, the HR director recognizes that they are merely pretending to break up and in reality intend to continue dating in secret as they did before. The HR director officially accepts their explanation, but unofficially tells them that she knows they are not going to break up and she can't stop them and doesn't even want to. However, she warns Lim and Melendez that it will be harder than they think. Lim later holds a staff meeting announcing the new changes she will be making, including overtime for the nurses which neither Han nor Andrews allowed. Lim also announces that third-year residents will now be able to lead surgeries instead of waiting for their fourth year of residency.

Lim begins to experience problems when one of the nurses gives her attitude when Lim can't afford to hire new nurses to help out. Overwhelmed, Lim seeks the advice of Andrews who was fired from the hospital for his actions in firing Dr. Jackson Han. Following Andrews' advice, Lim refuses to hire new nurses, but instead buys new equipment to make their jobs easier as a compromise which pleases the nurses. Lim offers to rehire Andrews as the new attending surgeon, filling the vacancy left by her own promotion. Andrews ultimately accepts Lim's offer and she introduces the new attending to Melendez's pleased team.

In "Debts," Morgan and Park suck up to Lim in an attempt to get the first surgery, but she recognizes their efforts and tells them both off. After an impassioned speech by Morgan, Lim ultimately selects Claire to be the first resident to lead a surgery. At the same time, Lim and Melendez clash when the parents of a baby accuse him of messing up a surgery and causing their baby's current issues with both feeling like their romantic relationship is complicating Lim's handling of the case. Lim herself leads the second surgery on the baby and she, Morgan and Park uncover a second unrelated condition with the same symptoms as the first Melendez fixed, exonerating him. With Melendez proven correct, Lim has him take lead on the surgery while she assists. Despite complications, the team succeeds in saving the baby and together Lim and Melendez give the parents the good news.

At the same time, Andrews treats a patient who had the side of his face destroyed while saving a young woman on the subway. Though the damage is so severe they are supposed to wire the man's mouth shut forever, Andrews later approaches Lim with an experimental procedure devised by Shaun to save the man's face and speech. Lim points out the extensive risks and after dismissing Shaun, tries to dissuade Andrews from bringing the surgery to the young man, suggesting that Andrews' own guilt and anger over the repercussions of saving Shaun is motivating him. With Lim refusing to order him to stand down, Andrews brings the surgery up to the patient who accepts. Despite complications, Andrews, Shaun and Claire succeed and Andrews privately admits to Shaun that Lim was right, but Shaun's actions that day proved to Andrews that he made the right choice.

In "Claire," Lim tells Claire she'll be fine for surgery and to never say she was nervous again. They are women, not white and do not have the luxury of public insecurity, because every step of the way they have to be twice as good as everyone else so she needs so suck it up because she has this. While Claire sits in the cafeteria alone Morgan and Alex sit down; she also reminds them that she's studying, while she packs up her belongings she runs into Shaun and says she got side tracked by a marlin. She is paged and meets with Lim who is there with Ms. Reynolds who is upset that Claire spoke to Michelle about a psychiatrist against her wishes. Claire tells Lim that she feels Michelle is a danger to herself and in the consult is required but Claire is off the case and Melendez will be performing the surgery.

In "First Case, Second Base," Shaun and Park visit a surgical candidate named Beth who has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Andrews approaches Lim, who has handpicked the world's most genial patient for Shaun. We soon find out that it was Park's chart, but Lim stepped in and handed it to Shaun. She defends her decision to Andrews, who accuses her of coddling the resident. She says that Shaun gets to keep this case, regardless of what the former chief thinks. Meanwhile, in the MRI room, Park admits to Shaun that he's a tad perturbed that Lim took the case from him, but insist that he's happy for his fellow doctor. After, the MRI reveals that Beth has extensive scar tissue and will in fact require a feeding tube.

Lim orders Park to break the bad news on Shaun's behalf, but when the men enter Beth's room Andrews forces Shaun to confront his patient. Soon after, Lim catches up to Shaun and Andrews in the surgical skills room and informs that Beth wants someone other than Shaun to perform the resection. A distraught runs out and heads to the bus, but Lim catches up to him. She tells him to come back inside and he follows her to Beth's room. Lim admits to Beth that Shaun's phrasing was unfortunate, but assures her that there was no deceit or negligence. Shaun has her full confidence in the O.R., but if Beth doesn't trust him, then he doesn't trust the chief of surgery, and they can arrange for her to transfer to a different hospital. Beth ultimately agrees to let Shaun perform the surgery again, and the procedure is scheduled the first thing tomorrow morning.

Deep into the esophageal resection Shaun freaks out. He takes off his surgical mask and walks out of the O.R. Park follows, as Andrews instruction, then Andrews pages Lim. Lim come down and tells Park to take over, but her refuses. He suggests that Shaun sees something that they don't, and tells his fellow doctor to breathe. He tells the others that there was a much larger area of tumor-free esophagus than he anticipated and that there's enough to perform an alternative, reconstructive procedure. This procedure will prevent the need of the feeding tube, but is too advanced for a third-year resident to perform. To resume, Shaun forfeit his first surgery and allows Andrews and Lim to take over while he walks them through it, step by step Lim assures Shaun that he'll get another chance very soon. Even though Beth's surgery was a success, Andrews still isn't confident that Lim made the right call on this one. His ultimate takeaway is that Shaun failed his first time up to bat. Lim disagrees with Andrews' assessment and applauds the teamwork it took to complete the alternative procedure.


  • She and Dr. Neil Melendez did their residency together. According to Melendez, at the time Lim dressed strangely and he competed against her until he realized that she was so brilliant that she wasn't competing back. In "Aftermath," Lim herself comments on how Melendez tends to compete against her in things and finds it weird when he stops.
  • Lim has become one of the best trauma surgeons in the country.
  • She is left handed.
  • As seen in "Xin," Lim speaks fluent Mandarin.
  • Its never made clear how Lim became infected with the virus in "Quarantine" and "Quarantine: Part Two" when it turned out not to be airborne. Tyler Durness became infected due to a ripped mask, but Lim had clearly been taking precautions right from the beginning to avoid infection.
  • She was married to a man named Kashal, but for an unknown reason they divorced.
  • She rides a Ducati.
  • As revealed in "Fault", Lim likes to play a video game called "Rocket League"



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