Dr. Claire Browne is a surgical resident at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Her emotional intelligence (shown through her kindness and unmatched caring for her patients) and quick thinking earn her recognition and respect from the team working under Dr. Neil Melendez (whom she is implied to be attracted to). These traits allow her to communicate the most effectively with patients and especially with Dr. Shaun Murphy who, due to his autism, has a difficulty learning professional social cues. But regardless of her caring and warm nature, Claire keeps intimate relationships she has at a distance which can be seen in her strictly sexual relationship with Dr. Jared Kalu, another surgical resident. This may be due to her upbringing with her abusive mother. However, even with all her emotional and physical trauma, Dr. Browne continues to demonstrate that your past does not define who you will be in the future.


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Claire's early life was one filled with physical and emotional abuse. Her mother, Breeze Brown, was a drug addict who attempted to kill her multiple times, and there was no mention of a father to prevent this behavior. When she was in high school, Claire volunteered at a shelter for runaway teens. Whilst attempting to save money for a laptop through babysitting, Claire's mother took that money only to waste it, on top of leaving Claire alone for several days at a time. After leaving her abusive mother when she turned 18, Claire worked two jobs whilst living with multiple roommates at a time until she finally became a surgical resident.

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In "Quarantine" and "Quarantine: Part Two," Claire works with Melendez to treat a patient whose bone marrow donor is trapped in a viral quarantine in the ER. After the patient codes, Claire reluctantly helps Melendez to revive him in spite of the man's DNR. With the help of Andrews, they come up with a plan to successfully perform the transplant.

In "Aftermath," Claire is blackmailed by Morgan into spending the day with her. Though Claire tries to abandon Morgan to help her mother, Morgan eventually admits that she's still struggling with the death of an EMT named Tyler during the quarantine who Morgan was close to and doesn't want to be alone, causing Claire to relent. After learning that Claire's mother apparently has an abusive boyfriend, the two doctors confront him, only to learn that her mother was having cold feet over a possible engagement. The experience gives Claire new insight into and respect for Morgan.

After Shaun is transferred to pathology in "Risk and Reward" by new Chief of Surgery Dr. Jackson Han, Claire fights for her friend to get his job back without success. In "Breakdown," after Shaun is called in to consult on a complicated surgery, Claire helps him come up with a way to successfully complete it. After Shaun is fired by Han, Claire finds him having an emotional breakdown in the locker room and sits beside Shaun, unsure of how to help him.

In "Trampoline," Claire is surprised when Shaun returns to the hospital with Zack Cordell, a man who collapsed in a bar after assaulting Shaun. Though Shaun lies about the circumstances behind finding Zack, Claire quickly figures it out for herself. Claire comforts Shaun over losing his job as best she can and coaches Shaun through asking someone out which later allows Shaun to ask out Dr. Carly Lever successfully. Following Shaun's collapse from his injuries, Claire learns from Zack that Shaun was acting weird before claiming that Zack had been misdiagnosed and collapsing. Recognizing the signs of Shaun figuring a patient's condition out in his head, Claire alerts Lim who is dubious until Zack begins crashing. Unable to wake Shaun up without endangering his life, Claire attempts to replicate his thought processes by replicating the conditions Shaun figured it out under, including getting a stool to stand on due to their height difference. Claire succeeds in figuring it out and saves Zack's life. When Shaun wakes up, Claire reassures him that Zack is fine thanks him.

At a board meeting about rehiring Shaun, Glassman brings up Claire's actions as proof that Shaun deserves his job back. Glassman tells the board that Shaun made Claire a better doctor because she looked at a problem through Shaun's eyes and saved a life, something that is extraordinary and proof that though Shaun may not communicate as others do, he does communicate and he inspires others. Though Han disagrees, Andrews unexpectedly agrees with Glassman and chooses to fire Han so that Shaun can be rehired.


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