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Lea Abigail Dilalllo is a main character on The Good Doctor. For part of Season 1, she lives next door to Shaun Murphy, in Apartment 34. She is passionate about cars and video games. She meets Shaun when she knocks at his door and asks for some batteries. She gives Shaun his first kiss in episode 11 and they begin a relationship at the end of season 3. In season 4, they are dating and its mentioned that Lea now runs the hospital's IT department.


Season 1

Lea meets Shaun after asking him for some batteries, stating that she was in the middle of Uncharted and Shaun replies by giving her the batteries. Later, he musters up courage and asks her the batteries back, and she gives them to him before telling him her name and vice versa.

Lea gives Shaun a ride home in "Pipes" when he accidentally misses his stop. On the ride home, she then tells Shaun how she appreciates his brutal honesty.

In "Apple," she eats his one and only apple left as a result of being angry that the apartment manager cut off her power from playing music too loud. Hoping that Shaun would be on her side of the argument, (and he isn't), she storms out of his apartment, upset. Later on, she apologizes to him for her behavior, telling him that she never wants him to lie to her to make her feel good. She gives him a new apple, signifying peace and goes back to her apartment. This appears to be a new milestone, because Shaun immediately walks to her apartment and knocks on her door to tell her how he felt about the shooting earlier that day. This is something he never opened up to anyone about, not even Glassman. He then allows her to hug him, and he doesn't push her away.

In "Intangibles," Lea makes a comment towards Shaun (calling him an a**hat jokingly), who took it as her not liking him. However, Claire informs Shaun that she [Lea] was actually flirting with him. Claire gives Shaun flirting lessons after he absentmindedly tells Claire that Lea is attractive. Claire informs Shaun that negative comments said in a teasing, sarcastic way can pass as flirting. Shaun attempts at flirting with Lea, but it does not come out right ( he tells her she looks absurd in her sweater). Luckily, Lea understood his attempt and invites him into her apartment to eat green apples.

In "Islands: Part One," Lea takes Shaun on a road trip, clearing his mind from Glassman and tough decisions he has to make. She lets him drive her car, also showing him how to "burn rubber". It is successful at first, but then he hits it against a rock after he forgets to take his foot off the gas. They then go to a bar and she introduces Shaun to his first shot of Tequila. Surprisingly, he like it, and wants more. It is apparent that he and Lea become drunk, which leads them to singing a karaoke song : "Islands in the stream" by Dolly Parton. They then walk back to their living quarters, still drunk, and Lea shows Shaun the proper way to end a date. She makes it clear that she had fun with him and tells him to kiss her. Shaun does, feeling excited and nervous. She tells him that he is good at it, and asks if they can kiss again. He says yes but ends up vomiting (a result of the Tequila) and rushes to the bathroom before they can kiss again. The next morning, Shaun feels embarrassed and he and Lea talk. They go to breakfast where Lea tells Shaun that she wants to move to Hershey to be more fulfilled with her life. He gets upset and walks out of the restaurant, catching a bus on his own without telling Lea.

In "Islands: Part Two," it appears that Shaun and Lea are in a good place. He helps her pack up her apartment for Hershey and states that he wants to move his residency to Pennsylvania to be with Lea. He tells Glassman and Claire as well, who both don't want him to go. Shaun ultimately decides to stay, bidding far well to Lea, who lets him borrow her signed baseball. She then kisses him for the final time and leaves for Hershey.

In "Heartfelt," Lea is not seen but she messages Shaun, sending him a song playlist and a photo of pine trees with the following statement: "Thinking about pine trees...and you." Shaun listens to playlist on the bus, feeling saddened by the absence of his only friend outside of work.

Season 2

At the start of season 2, "Hello," Lea returns after having moved away to Hershey leaving her baseball as loan to be returned later. She moves in with Shaun briefly, planning to leave once she gets on her feet again, but Shaun's distress at her initial departure causes strain between them. Lea eventually reveals that her time in Hershey ended badly and she moved back to seek the support of her one real friend, Shaun. After bitterness and arguing, Shaun and Lea make up via conversation and karaoke.The two subsequently maintain a strictly platonic relationship (to Shaun's dismay), but move into an apartment together as roommates. Lea buys a fish named Hubert as a pet, but blames herself when Hubert dies. Shaun is able to prove that Lea had nothing to do with Hubert's death and forces the pet store to give Lea a new fish for free, cheering her up. Lea teaches Shaun to drive and becomes the first to be told by Glassman that his cancer has returned when she drives him for an MRI. After Glassman discovers that he has meningitis instead of his cancer returning, Lea argues with him over telling Shaun the truth, finally convincing Glassman to do the right thing. She encourages "Glassy" to hug Shaun.

In "Aftermath," Shaun and Glassman spend the day with Lea at her job having fun. At the end of the day, Shaun learns that she now has a boyfriend, upsetting him as Shaun still has feelings for Lea. Shaun later admits to Glassman that he's not alright with Lea having a boyfriend, but he tries to be supportive to her and to not show his true feelings regarding the situation.

In "Trampoline," after Shaun is hospitalized, Glassman reveals Shaun's feelings to Lea and suggests that at least she will be someone who will break Shaun's heart gently. Lea is by Shaun's bedside when he wakes up and after finding Shaun dressed up with chocolate and flowers, appears to expect Shaun to ask her out. To her surprise, Shaun simply asks Lea for her opinion on his appearance before departing to successfully ask Carly Lever out, having apparently moved on from Lea or at least trying to.

Season 3

In "Disaster," Lea offers Shaun some advice before his first date with Carly Lever, particularly to make a joke during the date. Shaun tries to take her advice, but offers a weird joke at the wrong time which earns him a chuckle from Carly.

In "First Case, Second Base," Lea and Shaun discuss his most recent date with Carly and how Shaun is uncomfortable with touching more than one thing at a time. As Lea asks if he told Carly that, Shaun gets the news that he has his first lead surgery, causing the two to leap around in joy before Shaun has to rush off to work. Shaun later follows Lea's advice regarding Carly and though she is at first annoyed that Lea knows about their love life, Carly subsequently admits that Lea gave Shaun good advice.

In "SFAD," Lea notices Shaun ignoring Carly's texts and urges him to respond to her which he does, simply stating that he got her text. After Carly sends him back an eye roll emoji, Shaun calls Lea for help in deciphering the text as he doesn't understand emojis. After realizing what's going on, Lea suggests Shaun text back something flirty and casual and orders him not to text that he has stopped thinking about Carly many times that day, Shaun's response to Lea's suggestion. Shaun then ends the call rather abruptly saying that he has to go, leaving Lea somewhat amused by Shaun's antics. Later, while listing to his patient Tara the good things that has happened in his life, Shaun lists living with Lea as one of the things that has shown him that it is worth it to be around people even when you are not like them and better than being alone.

In "Friends and Family," Lea accompanies Shaun and Glassman to Wyoming to see Shaun's dying father Ethan at Shaun's request. For once, Lea and Glassman are shown to mostly agree on the situation, though Glassman is annoyed by her desire to swim in a nearby lake in the middle of December, leading to a moment where she remains underwater as long as she can in an effort to draw Shaun in to save her. Lea takes a dim view of Ethan due to what he has put Shaun through, but Glassman tells her that Ethan, having lost a child, deserves a bit of mercy, sympathizing with him due to his own loss. After Shaun returns to make peace with Ethan, Lea is shocked when Ethan only hurls venom at his son. That night, Lea finds a distraught Shaun in the middle of a meltdown and holds him close in her arms, something Shaun has been struggling to do with Carly.

In "Mutations," Lea moves out per Carly's request that she and Shaun no longer live together. Lea warns Shaun that sometimes couples need time to recover from a fight which Shaun is adamant is not the case in their case.

In "Influence," Shaun has lunch with Lea without telling Carly, seeking her advice on how a patient's symptoms compare to an ice cream headache. Lea reveals that since Shaun kicked her out, she realized she's been in a bit of a rut in both her personal and professional lives and is no longer satisfied with her current job and wants to move on. However, after Shaun succeeds in getting an ice cream headache, he is too distracted by the sensation to really respond to her. Shaun later suggests that Glassman hire Lea as his assistant due to how good she is with technology and how much he struggles with it. As part of a deal he makes with Shaun, Glassman reluctantly interviews Lea, though they both know he doesn't really want her there. As Lea leaves, she lists off all of the things Glassman has missed or that could be potentially problematic, causing him to change his mind and call Lea back a moment later.

At the same time, Carly learns of Shaun's lunch with Lea and is upset, feeling that Shaun lied to her. She is even less pleased to learn that Lea will now work as Glassman's assistant as it means that Lea can just hover over their relationship from a different floor in the same building. Morgan gets Carly to recognize that Shaun didn't lie to her, at least not intentionally and that Carly is jealous of Lea. Shaun seeks Lea's advice on telling his story to reporters immediately after asking for Carly's advice on the same subject, exasperating this. Carly later admits that she is jealous and it makes her feel like when Shaun chose Lea in Wyoming over Carly, but the two promise to work it out together. Carly is pleased, however, when Shaun reveals that he liked Carly's advice on the situation better than Lea's.

In "Unsaid," Lea has lunch with Shaun and steals food from his plate which Morgan suggests is Lea claiming territory. Though Carly claims to be fine with Shaun and Lea's friendship, both Morgan and Lea herself express doubt. During a confrontation in an elevator, Carly assures Lea that she's fine as she knows with Shaun, Carly knows she can trust Shaun to be telling the truth about his feelings for Lea. That night, while Carly and Shaun are at a bar, they are joined by Lea and her current boyfriend, leading to the four hanging out together and singing karaoke. Shaun and Lea end up dominating the singing, leading to a charged moment between them.

A heartbroken Carly subsequently breaks up with Shaun, stating that Shaun really is in love with Lea even if Shaun himself doesn't recognize it. Carly states she thinks Lea loves Shaun too and encourages Shaun to tell Lea how he really feels.

In "Autopsy," Shaun approaches Lea at work to tell her how he feels, but ultimately chickens out. After some advice from both Glassman and Carly, Shaun finally confesses his love for Lea that night at his apartment. Lea admits that she loves Shaun too, but is worried that her neediness and issues will make it too difficult for Shaun to deal with her in a romantic relationship when he works in a certain way in his daily life. Shaun realizes that Lea doesn't want to date him because of Shaun's autism and Shaun and Lea are both left in tears as she leaves, unable to respond to Shaun's words.

In "Fixation," Shaun attempts to fix the things about him that make Lea think it won't work, but just angers her more in the process. Lea eventually reveals that its his autism she has a problem with and he can't "fix" that,

In "Heartbreak," Shaun avoids work for three days and acts like a jerk due to his heartbreak over Lea's double rejection. After witnessing a patient's girlfriend smash up his car for cheating, Shaun shows up at Lea's apartment with a baseball bat with the intention to smash up Lea's car. However, Shaun can't bring himself to do it and explodes at Lea in anger over her actions, reducing Lea to tears as Shaun leaves.

In "Hurt," Lea is caught in a building collapse during an earthquake and Shaun, still not over her, desperately attempts to find Lea. Shaun eventually finds a trapped young woman named Vera who is suffering a similar heartbreak. Shaun describes to Vera his love for Lea and why he thinks they could work out if she gives him a chance; unknown to Shaun, Lea has been rescued and hears everything Shaun says over the radio. Following an aftershock, the basement Shaun is in begins flooding, threatening his and Vera's lives.

In "I Love You," Shaun remains in contact with Lea through the radio as he tries to save Vera and Lea coordinates with the rescue workers, trying to urge them to move faster. With Shaun's life in danger, both Lea and Vera urge him to abandon Vera, but he refuses. Running out of time, Shaun decides to amputate Vera's leg in just three minutes and orders Lea to count for him to distract her; in turn Vera requests that if she dies, Shaun move on from Lea which he promises to do. Lea listens helplessly as Vera screams through the procedure and then loses contact with Shaun as he struggles to stop Vera from drowning.

Lea refuses to leave the scene after losing contact with Shaun and races back inside the building after learning that the rescuers have found something. To her relief, Shaun has succeeded in saving Vera and both Vera and Shaun are rescued from the rubble. As a new day begins, Lea kisses Shaun, having realized just how much she loves him after nearly losing Shaun. As Vera survived, Shaun realizes he won't be breaking his promise to her and Shaun and Lea kiss.

Season 4

In Frontline Part One and Frontline Part Two, Where Shawn is already awake and pouring himself some orange juice to start his day. There is a knock on the door and Shawn goes quickly to open it. Lea barges in and asks Shawn if he has seen her badge. She says that she had last night, but thinks that maybe it fell out of her bag when she paid for pizza. Shawn reminds her that this wouldn’t be happening if she just stayed over. Lea however counter that by saying that even when they lived together, she still had an affinity for misplacing her things. While looking for her ID badge, Lea tells Shawn that it is simply too soon for her to move back in. She jokes that if she had stayed over the two of them would have not slept as much as they did apart. She eventually finds her badge in between two cushions of Shawn’s sofa, and agrees to staying over on Saturday. It is now week three of California’s State of Emergency, and Alex Park goes out into the kitchen and Shaun hands him over some orange juice while he talks with Lea on his phone via FaceTime. As time goes on, the global pandemic begins to take its toll on everyone: Shaun struggles with being so far from Lea. Ultimately, Shaun and Lea spend time with each other by having a door between them. A frustrated Shawn then comes in and confides in Claire that Lea is not answering her phone despite not being an essential worker. Shaun hangs up on Lea after she admits that she had a sore throat and got tested for COVID, but it turned out negative. Weeks later, Shaun and Lea are reunited after Lea arrived at Shaun’s place with three consecutive negative COVID tests and her overnight bag. They embrace and sit on the couch with her head on his shoulder smiling.

In Newbies, Later on, while having lunch, Shaun does try to be better by getting to know the resident applicants with Lea’s help. Instead of bonding with them though, Shaun ends up having too many moments where he shared too much of his personal information. Like when he said he liked Lea’s breasts very much. But unfortunately, he also admits that he doesn’t like Lea’s voice very much. While scanning Monica, Shaun asks the newbies he is in charge for advice on what he should do with Lea. Strangely enough, it’s Enrique, the guy who looks like he doesn’t take anything seriously who gives the most logical answer. He tells Shaun that he might’ve made Lea feel insecure over something he said, but that it’s not his fault. Enrique explains how we all have stuff that we’re insecure about, and that’s why it’s so risky falling in love. But goes on to say how we all hope that when we let our guard down, it’s for the one person that doesn’t see our flaws. Thus his advice to Shaun ends up being for him to figure out what would make Lea feel secure in the relationship again. On the other hand, Shaun also makes up with Lea. He takes Enrique and Glassman’s advice together and tells Lea why he loves her despite her flaws. More specifically, he tells her that he doesn't just like her body because it’s excellent and that he likes it because it’s Lea’s. Then he admits that when he hears her voice, especially after a difficult day, he finds it very comforting. They embrace and she says thank him. He says he loves her.

In Not the Same, Shaun and Lea are doing yoga together, he tells her that she shouldn’t come over anymore, she should just move in. She says living together means a bigger commitment and more trust, and she doesn’t think they are there yet. Shaun gives her his banking password, then leaves the room. Shaun finds Lea doing yoga at work, he tells her she can’t do it at work. She talks again about moving in, she says once their feelings change, everything changes. He says he still feels the same about her, happy.

Lea goes to see Shaun, she tells him that one of the reasons she is in the relationship is because he is different and can’t see herself with anyone else. She says she is moving in with him. He asks her if that means they have enough commitment and trust, she says she is not sure. He asks her if she is doing it because it is inevitable, she says yes. Shaun is thrilled. Lea is unpacking her things, Shaun has made dinner for the two. They both say it feels like home again. Shaun says its not the same as before its better and they kiss and embrace.

In Fault, That night, Shaun studies up on leadership books and ted talks in order to change tactics on his lack of teaching style. The next morning, he has prepared lists of skills particularly related to their cases for Asher and Olivia to learn. In return, he only asks for date night advice. Their answer is movies he and Lea can both watch. Sadly, Shaun doesn't get his date night with Lea after Asher discovered that Carlo has jaundice. When Shaun gets home, he silently curls up with Lea and says he's glad she's here with him and she agrees while embracing.

In "Lim," Shaun struggles to find Lea an appropriate gift for her birthday; Lim later witnesses Shaun throwing Lea a birthday party with their hospital coworkers.

In The Uncertainty Principle, She stops Shaun's alarm on his phone and opens the shower door surprising Shaun wanting to have shower sex. Shaun says they can't shower at the same time. She tells him it's for the purpose of having sex with him and he says oh. She moves forward to go in and he says no and he isn't sure its safe. Lea resets his alarm and leaves. Shaun is home, he tells Leah that he took a poll about having sex in the shower. She said she heard about it at work and had to field some questions. Leah is putting together some exercise equipment that she wants to sell online. Shaun asks why she has it if she is selling it. She says her ex-husband sent. She explains how they got married right out of high school, not for long, and consider it a big mistake and they both knew it. Shaun goes to see Leah in her office and asks her why she didn’t tell him that she had an ex-husband, she says because he wasn’t important. But Shaun pushes the issue, and he says that at one point in her life she thought he was important, and now she doesn’t anymore. She says she knows he doesn’t like change, but he is working every day to change himself. Shaun tells Lea that he is ok with having sex in the shower. He got a cow bell to ring in an emergency in case they head in different directions. He then tells her he already moved the shampoo bottles for her and gestures to the bathroom. She smiles. He tells not to worry about putting the bottle back, he'll do it later. She laughs and says she loves him. He says it's no trouble he remembers where they all go and closes the bathroom door.

In Parenting, Lea tells Shaun her parents are coming to visit and want to meet him. Lea admits that she isn’t necessarily invested in what her parents think of her relationship with Shaun, because, usually, it is negative when it comes to her, they are still her parents. So, she allows them to meet Shaun. Dr. Glassman and Morgan try to help Shaun prepare. They have dinner with her parents. The next day at work, she tells Shaun he doesn't have to be nice to her they won't be seeing them again. Lea shows him texts on her phone and Shaun reads them. Lea says they don't think that she is mature enough to be in a challenging relationship. She asks him "You do get this is insulting to both of us? From supposedly the people that love her most in the world." He says "They don't. Not the most. Not anymore." He tells her people that usually meet him are uncomfortable and that most of the time it doesn't go away. She asks him how he handles that. He says he tries to be patient and sometimes it works. She says maybe he's a more mature person than she is, but she isn't sure that will work for her.

Shaun confronts Lea’s parents and tell them they are wrong about him and Lea. Her dad says no offense but this is between family. Shaun says "Lea is my girlfriend and the texts you sent were about us." Pam says they did enjoy meeting him and think he's very nice and that Lea will do anything to get under their skin and he wouldn't believe some of the people she's dated. Shaun says he's different than anyone she's ever dated and also ask them how is that not a change. Pam says that's true she isn't sure it's a good thing. Shaun suggests that they are judging Lea by her mistakes in the past rather than who Lea is now. He says that they are right their relationship has challenges, "Lea and I go through challenges together. It's actually one of the things that makes us stronger. Lea challenges him to try things. Things he knows he won't like and because it is not always better to stop and think. He makes Lea very patient because he can be very frustrating, so can the two of them. However, after Shaun breaks things down and tells them off, it seems they take heed of Shaun’s words and try to work on their relationship with Lea, rather than solely focusing on criticizing her decisions. Dr. Glassman also makes nice with Lea, albeit with a strained effort, but he does note he thinks she is smart and funny. It’s just his fear of something happening to Shaun remains so high that his fear of the worst has him avoiding Lea’s actions when she is at her best. Later, She and Shaun are both eating in the kitchen. Lea's parents later invite the two to dinner, suggesting that they really took Shaun's words to heart.

In We’re All Crazy Sometimes, she tells Shaun she is pregnant.

In Teeny Blue Eyes, Shaun is in bed, and he wakes up, he notices that he is alone. He gets up and sees Lea is in the living room, who tells him that she can’t sleep. Shaun then tells her that they should take her blood pressure every day. He proceeds to tell her that he loves her and wants this child. She asks him in return if it is the right time in their career and life for a child. Lea finishes their conversation by saying that they need to think very hard about what they are going to do.

Later, Lea runs to the bathroom to throw up see Claire. Claire asks if she's okay. Afterward Lea tells Claire she's pregnant and asks if Shaun’s autism can go on to the baby, and Claire confirms that it is indeed possible. Lea looks panicked, but says that she is just enjoying just being. However, Claire tells her that she has to choose.

Later, Shaun is home and Lea is making dinner. She asks him if he has thought about their situation more. He eventually says he made a list and Lea reveals she did too. He says he thinks he would be a good father, but he can’t know for sure. But Lea mentions how she thinks he would make a good dad. He tells her that she was right, it is complicated, but he wants her to be happy. So she says there are so many reasons to do this, but admits that she also has so many doubts, and she is scared. Lea eventually states that if they are both having doubts, maybe now is not the right time. He says ok, and holds her hand. The next morning, Shaun takes out the scalpel his brother gave him and holds it.

Later, Shaun and Lea are in a clinic, but they both look terrified. She says she spent all day telling herself why this is a good idea, but now that it is actually happening, it doesn’t make her feel any better and just really sad. They continue talking and agree that while right now they might feel that maybe it is not the right time, they agree that it may never feel like it will ever be. Shaun eventually says that he feels the same. So Lea asks him if they are really doing this, he tells her they are having a baby. They smile and embrace happily.

In Spilled Milk, She and Shaun wake up in the morning in bed. She is feeling nauseous. Later in her office, Shaun is with Lea, and he is trying to make her comfortable by bringing her prenatal vitamins. However, she tells him to be the dad, not the doctor. Eventually, Shaun gets home to Lea and then he dances with her. She tells him that the swaying is making her feel sick, so she goes to sit on the couch and read a book instead. Shaun admits that he feels disconnected from her and the baby, and realizes that he is making his girlfriend mad at him a lot recently, which leaves him feeling very alone. Lea then tells him that he is so selfish, that she is growing his baby, reading books, and taking tests for them. She goes into the bedroom and closes the door behind her. The next morning, Lea later tells Shaun that she is scared too and that she doesn’t’ want to go through this alone. She doesn’t like that he calls the baby a fetus because she wants him to feel connected to said baby. She then tells Shaun to put his head on her belly and talk to the baby. Shaun in turn tells the baby about his patient, the dancer. She asks him if he feels better and he says no because the baby is too young to understand. Which leads Lea to tell him that he shouldn’t go to the ultrasound, because he may say something to make her more upset.

Meanwhile, Lea at her ultrasound, as Shaun walks in and she is happy he is there. Lea tells Shaun to sit there and be the dad and do nothing. They listen to the heartbeat as she tells him they are having a baby smiling. Shaun takes her hand and squeezes it and says "Their having a baby" smiling.

In Gender Reveal, Lea is looking for her phone and finds it. Lea then tells Shaun that they have the birthing class that evening and then she says she has the results of the fetal DNA test, so now they will know the gender of the baby. She says she's really excited and asks Shaun to come close, so they can look together. Lea while smiling says that they are having a girl, so Shaun asks Lea if she wants to paint the nursery pink, but she says no because this is not the 50’s and they kiss and embrace. Lea is in her birthing class with Shaun and he is applying a little too much pressure to her back while he's doing a massage. She tells him just to stop. Shaun interrupts the instructor and gives his advice, Lea tells him to let her talk and be quiet. The instructor tells Shaun to hold his comments to the end of the session, she looks very upset with him. Afterward, Shaun tells Claire that there won’t be another class because they were thrown out.

Shaun sees Lea in the cafeteria, where she introduces him to Teresa, who is a trained doula. Shaun tells Teresa that they won’t be needing her, because he will be Lea’s doula. Lea tells Shaun that she is excited about their baby, but she has to know that she will get what she needs. Like a soft massage for example. He says he can get better at massages, but Lea tells him that that is really not his strength and it is a setup. Shaun buys Lea a device to give her a massage, she tells him that it’s nice but she still wants Teresa to be there. He in turn tells her that she doesn’t need her. Lea replies that maybe she does not, but it is her body and her experience and they are going to have a doula there.

Later walking in the hall of their apartment building to their apartment, Shaun tells Lea that he wants their daughter to have everything she wants, and he wants Lea to also have everything she wants, but he realizes can’t do it all by himself. So he opens the door to their apartment and Teresa is there. Lea is thrilled and they kiss and embrace. Shaun tells her the world is harder for women, but he wants to change that even if he doesn’t know how. Lea tells tells him he can do it by being an amazing dad to their daughter and letting their daughter that she is loved and supported and that they'll raise her to be strong. Shaun says like her and Lea smiles and they kiss and embrace.

In Waiting, At San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, Shaun, walks into the hospital's lounge to find Lea. She tells him she's already done the test She tells him to look at the TV, and the parents to be find out there was a shooting at a protest that is very close to the hospital. Just then, Shaun is called to the ER stat. Both mothers are in the lounge where Lea is, and she turns off the TV when she sees the two of them with blood all over their clothes. A nurse comes in to see Mrs. Wilkie and Mrs. Bardo as she wants them to fill out forms. Lea offers to help the two women with the forms while their children are in surgery.

All three leave the room and Mrs. Wilkie asks Lea why she hasn’t heard anything. Lea goes into the OR observation room for the other child and tells the surgeons that someone has to let the mother know how her child is. Mrs. Wilkie is speaking to Lea about how Ethan wanted friends over and she had said no. She says he will die hating her. Shaun and Alex then come in to tell the child's mother that they found the second bullet and believe they should leave it there, because it is too risky to take it out. Mrs. Bardo is back in the waiting room, she tells Lea they are doing more tests, but she knows he will be fine. She tells Lea a little bit about Mason, and how he kept her going after her husband died. Mrs. Wilkie speaks up and she says she is a single mom too. She explains how they divorced two years ago and it was not amicable. She knows it is not the same though. They do get into an argument because they are different sides of the rally and Mrs. Bardo says you can’t compare divorce to your husband dying.

Shaun and Alex got to see Ethan’s mom and tell her that his seizures were caused by a different fragment that migrated to the left side of his brain. They were not wrong about leaving the other fragment in. The new fragment isn’t stable and will almost definitely continue to cause damage. It is too deep to remove though. Alex says they will keep him on anti-seizure meds and monitor him. Lea tries to tell Ms. Wilkie that they are doing everything they can and Ms. Wilkie pushes back and almost knocks Lea over. Shaun runs to her aid and put his hand on her belly. Lea tells Shaun it's okay. Mrs. Wilkie realizes they are a couple. She says she made a decision about her son’s life based on Lea's boyfriend and walks out. Mrs. Bardo tells Lea to go home, since she has her test results. Lea is talking to Mrs. Wilkie who tells her that the way she has treated them, she is going to be a great mother. Claire comes into the room and tells Mrs. Bardo that Mason made it, thanks to Mrs. Wilkie. Shaun then tells Mrs. Wilkie that Ethan made it, thanks to Dr. Park. Lea smiles proudly. The two moms hug each other. The boys are in the ICU and they want to see their moms.

Shaun and Lea are outside the hospital. She tells him how she feels lucky. He says he feels tired and lucky. He holds both her hands, and she collapses on the ground as Shaun yells for help.


  • She stress eats, as revealed in 1x08 "Apple."
  • She’s allergic to cats.[2]
  • She taught Shaun how to drive in 2x08 "Stories".
  • She has a brother who lives in Hershey, Pennsylvania. They have a strained relationship as revealed in 2x07 "Hubert".
  • Her grandpa Rod passed away prior to the events of the show as said in 1x10 "Islands Part One." He was the one who gave her her "striped tomato" car.
  • She has short brown hair sometimes pulled into a half up half down style in Season 1. In season 2, her hair appears to be darker. In Season 3, her hair looks as if light brown highlights had been applied.
  • She is a fan of the rock band "Death Cab for Cutie" and "Florence" (2x12 "Aftermath").
  • According to David Shore, he would like to see Shaun and Lea get together some day, as said in this interview.[1]
  • Lea felt a mix of confusion, relief, and disappointment when Shaun walked past her to ask Carly out in "Trampoline."[1]
  • She believes that Shaun shouldn't be coddled, and that he should be treated like a grown man as mentioned in "Quarantine: Part Two."
  • Lea told Shaun that she's terrified of foot fungus, as revealed in 1x04 "Pipes"
  • She was married to someone she grew up with but divorced soon after as they realise they weren't for each other.
  • Her parents didn't agree of her dating Shaun Murphy until Shaun went to their hotel and talked to them about it.
  • She likes repairing old vintage cars.
  • She was 22 weeks pregnant when she got sick and had a miscarriage.
  • According to Salen Morrison in "Piece of Cake," Lea went to the University of Pittsburg, got her degree in three years, designed and built cars, desktops, and entire coding systems from the ground up before she started working at St. Bonaventure where she used her skills to thwart a ransomware attack and saved the hospital a fortune.



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