"Mom was out of town. [...] You caught me high for the umpteenth time. [...] The night I'd broke another promise, and you decided to quit the bargaining and the threats and take action. So you dragged me outside and locked the door. I prayed you would come and find me. Why didn't you come and find me?"
—Maddie Glassman to Aaron Glassman during a hallucination[src]

Madison Glassman, known as Maddie, was the daughter of Aaron Glassman and a close friend to Jessica Preston.


Life and DeathEdit

Maddie was born to Aaron Glassman and an unnamed mother. Growing up, Maddie befriended Jessica Preston and the two became best friends.[2] Due to her father's job as president of the hospital, he wasn't around much which resulted in a distant relationship between the two. Maddie resorted to drugs where her father would find her and resort to threats and bargains to stop her. This didn't work which resulted in her father throwing her out of the house one night when her mother was away. Her father assumed that she would go to Jessica's or her Aunt's but she didn't. She killed herself that night from an assumed overdose.[1]


Her mother and father presumably broke up or she died as they aren't together as of 2017. Aaron was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Once it was resected, he began having hallucinations of his daughter presumably because of sleep deprivation. The two argued about the events that led up to her death. After the shouting, both Maddie and Aaron made up and she told him that she loved him. Aaron then drifted off to sleep and when he woke up, she was gone.[1]


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