Dr. Morgan Reznick is a resident at St. Bonaventure Hospital. Morgan is revealed to be a former avid archer. Morgan has an arrogant and competitive personality that drives the other doctors crazy, but as time goes on she begins to lose some of this, particularly after Morgan makes a mistake that costs a patient her arm. Melendez subsequently compares Morgan's relationship with Shaun Murphy to that of himself and Dr. Lim during their own residency and suggests that their differing ways of approaching situations can be complimentary.


Early LifeEdit

When Morgan was 5, she started learning archery and practiced every day for 7 years. She didn't stop until she left high school and went on to medical school where she decided that she needed to "grow up."[2] During her time in medical school, she mentored under Sonya Kung who was the surgical residency program at Denver Memorial Hospital.[3] After graduating from medical school, Morgan got a job at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital as a surgical resident. She was given to the attending Dr. Matt Coyle along with fellow resident Alex Park.[1]

Season 1Edit

After allegations regarding sexual harassment came to light about her attending Dr. Matt Coyle, he was transferred to another department and his residents on his service were distributed to other attendings. Both Morgan Reznick and Alex Park were transferred to the attending, Neil Melendez.[1]

Season 2Edit

During "Quarantine" Morgan is revealed to be forming a romantic relationship with an EMT named Tyler. After Tyler falls ill from a deadly virus that quarantines the ER, Morgan works to treat him and is visibly devastated when he dies of the virus despite her best efforts. In "Quarantine: Part Two," Morgan treats Lim for the virus while determining that it is not airborne and that Tyler contracted it due to a ripped mask and bodily fluid contact. Thanks to Morgan's efforts and use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation as a treatment, Lim survives. After quarantine ends, a devastated Morgan watches as the CDC takes away Tyler's body.

In "Aftermath," Morgan blackmails Claire into spending time with her, before admitting that she's still not over Tyler's death. After Claire's mother claims she is being evicted, Morgan accompanies Claire to help her and becomes convinced that Claire's mother is being abused. Revealing that she carries a gun, Morgan insists on confronting the man, only to learn that Claire's mom was having cold feet about an engagement. Afterwards, having learned that Morgan had a stalker in college, Claire realizes that Morgan is actually a battered woman and offers her support to Morgan if she ever needs it.


  • As seen in "Aftermath," Morgan owns a gun and a concealed carry permit for it, stemming from when she had a stalker in college. However, Claire finds the idea of Morgan with a gun more scary then a potentially violent boyfriend. Morgan's proficiency with a gun was previously hinted at when she joined Park at the gun range to let off some steam.


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