"Mount Rushmore" is the second episode of Season 1 of The Good Doctor. The episode aired on October 2, 2017.


Dr. Shaun Murphy’s attention to detail complicates his first day at St. Bonaventure Hospital. Meanwhile, Dr. Claire Browne learns a valuable lesson about honesty when confronted with a difficult diagnosis for her patient.[2]


Shaun Murphy

The episode begins with Shaun Murphy unable to sleep. His alarm goes off and Shaun does his morning routine, getting up, doing push ups, jumping rope, taking a shower and shaving, with his phone timer going off when each part of his routine is complete. Shaun enters the elevator and a man in the elevator asks Shaun “Where to?”. Shaun, thinking the man means where he’s going and replies “San Jose Saint Bonaventure. I start my residency there today.” The man tells he that he meant which floor, to which Shaun replies “Ground.”

Shaun’s attention to detail annoys the patients, the nurses and Dr. Melendez. Dr. Melendez decides to teach Shaun a lesson by having one of the nurses be Shaun’s boss for the day. Shaun is upset about this and asks Claire for advice. Claire asks Shaun what he thought being a doctor meant and Shaun replies “To save people’s lives.” Claire tells him that it’s really about doing what you’re told. Shaun decides to do what he’s told but makes a mistake by telling a worried patient that he was instructed to tell him that nothing is wrong with him. The patient complains to Dr. Glassman who tells the worried patient that he reviewed his charts and he’s fine. After the patient leaves, Shaun asks Dr. Glassman when he looked at the charts and Dr. Glassman admits he lied. This confuses Shaun because doctors aren’t supposed to lie. Dr. Glassman tells him that sometimes you have to lie, which only confuses Shaun more.

Throughout the day and into the night, Shaun worries about Martine, a young girl he saw that morning who was complaining of stomach pains. As he reviews Martine’s test results and x-rays, Shaun sneaks out of the hospital and takes a taxi to Martine’s house. He almost leaves, but after having a flashback of when he couldn’t find the courage to knock on a rude man’s door, Shaun knocks on the door.

Martine’s father answers the door and is annoyed that Shaun is bothering his family at such a late hour. Shaun tries to explain to the father that Martine could be dying, but the father tells Shaun to go away. Shaun begins to cry and tearfully tells the father that part of his autism is that he obsesses over things and that he will knock on the door all night if it means saving Martine’s life. Martine’s mother intervenes and lets Shaun in. When they go to check on her, they find her unconscious and her mouth is covered in vomit. Shaun tries to wake her, but she is unconscious.

The parents and Shaun rush Martine to the hospital while Shaun has a flashback of himself and Dr. Glassman rushing his brother Steve to the hospital after Steve fell off the top of the train. As they arrive at Saint Bonaventure, Shaun demands Martine be taken to the OR for emergency surgery. The nurse blows off Shaun’s demands and reminds him that she’s his boss. Shaun points out that it is after 1 AM and she is no longer his boss.

As Shaun is about to operate, Dr. Melendez abruptly arrives and takes over. However, Dr. Melendez doesn’t get the credit. After the surgery and before he goes home, Shaun is taken by Dr. Glassman to Martine’s hospital room where the parents thank Shaun and hug him for saving their daughter’s life. Shaun, though he doesn’t like to be hugged, is happy that he was able to save a life. That night, Shaun is finally able to sleep in his new apartment.


In subplot, Claire promises a worried patient awaiting a risky surgery that she is going to be okay. Dr. Melendez informs Claire that it is not wise to make promises to someone, especially if you don’t know what the outcome is going to be. He also warns her that if the patient were to die, then Claire would have to live with what she said. Claire is also upset at Jared for taking credit for one of Shaun’s ideas.

During the operation, the patient almost doesn’t make it, but luckily she does. Before the patient wakes up, Melendez tells Claire that it is her responsibility to tell the patient about the operation. When the patient wakes up, Claire informs her that she almost died. The patient however thanks Claire.

Exchange between Shaun and Claire

In another subplot, Shaun sits at table in the cafeteria and Claire sits across from him. As she tries to get to know him, Shaun reminds Claire of how rude she was before. He asks her why it is that she’s now trying to be nice to him. Claire tells him she feels bad about how she treated him. Shaun gets up and walks off.



Guest StarringEdit


  • John Murphy as Jerry
  • Meghan Gardiner as Cecile
  • Britt Loder as Martine
  • Rocky Anderson as Mitchell Brand
  • Benjamin Watson as Matthew
  • Lucia Walters as Dr. Park
  • Rebecca Garcia as Carole
  • Aadila Dosani as Nurse #1
  • Hannah Pederson as Nurse #2
  • Vaughn Clements as Friendly Neighbor
  • Peter Hall as Farmhouse Owner #1
  • Gaalen Engen as Farmhouse Owner #2
  • Robert Corness as Old Man
  • Zahf Paroo as Anesthesiologist


  • Shaun officially begins his residency at San Jose Saint Bonaventure.
  • It is revealed that Dr. Glassman rushed Steve to the hospital after he fell from the train.
  • This is the second episode to feature flashbacks of Shaun’s backstory.
  • Shaun has his first meltdown in this episode when he breaks down in front of Martine’s parents.
  • Irene Keng is no longer a series regular.
  • Tamlyn Tomita is promoted to a series regular.
  • This episode is named after the monument of the same name which is a sculpture of four former presidents which is located in South Dakota.