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"New Beginnings" is the season premiere of Season 5 of The Good Doctor. It is the seventy-seventh episode overall and aired on September 27, 2021.


Shaun and Lea’s upcoming engagement party has everyone in a festive mood after their return from Guatemala. Meanwhile, a young single mother learns her son may have contracted his cancer from a surprising source and Mateo finds out if his previous issues in America will be resolved.


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Lea has a nightmare where she and Shaun are having a wedding; everything seems to go well until it starts to rain; the lightning bolt strikes the tree and as it falls on Lea, she wakes up, horrified. This makes her tell Shaun that they aren't having outdoor wedding. Andrews is getting ready for work and says goodbye to a woman with whom he had a one-night stand. Glassman wakes up alone in his messy bedroom. Mateo, who flew from Guatemala, surprises Lim by visiting her at her apartment; they end up hooking up.

Shaun, Lim and Park are doing an operation. Park notes that Dr. Lim is in a good mood, and Shaun says it's because she had sex. He then says that Mateo can attend the engagement party and wedding, and mentiones that Lea's making all the arrangements. Park and Lim tell him that he better keep checking in as planning a weddding is a big undertaking. Meanwhile, Shaun takes out a mass from the patient's tonsil, and Lim tells him to send it to pathology.



Guest Starring


  • Baldeep Singh as Officiant
  • Alex Sturman as Female Bartender
  • Christly Charles as Attractive Woman
  • Denika Garrick as Marie
  • Lynette Tien as Maria



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