"Oliver" is the third episode of Season 1 of The Good Doctor. The episode first aired on October 9, 2017.


Dr. Neil Melendez and Dr. Jared Kalu discover their patient isn’t being completely honest with them which may cost him his chance at a life-saving surgery. Meanwhile, Dr. Claire Browne must learn to communicate with Dr. Shaun Murphy as they race back to St. Bonaventure Hospital with a donated organ.[2]


The episode opens with a woman knocking on Shaun's door, asking if she can borrow triple-A batteries. She introduces herself as his next-door neighbor, Lea, and advises him not to feed the stray cats that hang around outside.

The next day at St. Bonaventure Hospital, two patients wait for important surgeries. One of them, a John Wannamaker, is having reconstruction surgery done after a tumor was cut out of his cheek two weeks ago. Although he is a long-time smoker, the staff are eager to do the procedure - Wannamaker is wealthy and regarded as a VIP as he plans to donate a large amount of money to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Dr. Melendez meets with his residents to get ready for an organ transplant. He assigns Jared to prepare the patient (Chuck, a reformed alcoholic who has waited six months for a new liver) for surgery; meanwhile, Shaun and Claire must go to San Francisco in a helicopter to retrieve the organ. He reminds them the liver only has eight hours before it will no longer be viable.

While riding in the helicopter, Claire reveals that Chuck was her very first patient, and she wishes she could have given him the good news instead of doing "pizza delivery." Shaun doesn't answer her, becoming fascinated with the way the helicopter rotors work.

Upon arriving at SF Municipal Hospital, the two learn the liver's viability is three hours shorter than they'd expected, as it was originally intended to be for another patient who died before the transplant could be done. Shaun begins examining the liver, seemingly unable or unwilling to answer Claire's questions about what he's doing. She phones Aaron Glassman to ask how Chuck is and lament her inability to communicate with Shaun, but he offers no insight on the latter, only telling them to come back.

Fog rolling in makes it impossible to get a helicopter ride to St. Bonaventure; Shaun and Claire are forced to transport the liver back with a police escort instead. The sight of the flashers causes Shaun to freeze up and have a flashback, remembering when the police tried to take him back to his parents as a teenager.

Back at St. Bonaventure, Melendez and Jared discover Chuck's labs tested positive for alcohol. When they confront him, he admits he had a glass of champagne at his daughter's graduation three days ago. Melendez does the math based off Chuck's blood alcohol content and finds him to be telling the truth. However, in order to be eligible for a transplant, a patient must have been sober for six months.

In the police car, the liver begins to overheat. Claire has the officer pull over into a gas station, but discovers they are out of ice. Shaun has the idea of using a slushie mixture to cool the organ down, and in the resulting back-and-forth, Claire realizes his aversion to direct questions.

Chuck's condition deteriorates at the hospital, and he is given three months to live without a new liver. Melendez appears in a board meeting to argue in favor of Chuck receiving the transplant, but Jessica worries about legal ramifications if they proceed. Privately, Chuck's daughter confesses she handed her father the glass of champagne, and now feels responsible for the trouble.

Shaun examines the liver and discovers a clot that needs immediate removal. The officer stops the car and they perform surgery on the organ in the middle of the freeway. They arrive at St. Bonaventure with 29 minutes of viability left, only to discover Chuck won't receive the transplant, and another hospital is coming to get the liver. Shaun states they had "a good day - we saved a life," even if it wasn't the patient they hoped to save. Wannamaker is wheeled out of the recovery room as Chuck prepares to go home to die.

At his apartment block that evening, Shaun knocks on Lea's door and asks for his batteries back, as she had only requested to "borrow" them. He returns to his apartment, remembering his first night with Dr. Glassman.



Guest StarringEdit


  • Angela Palmer as Katt
  • Blair Penner as SFPD Cop
  • Donald Sales as Controller
  • Serge Jaswal as Brad
  • Trent Redekop as Cashier
  • Victoria Bidewell as Liaison
  • Kirby Morrow as Shaun's Father
  • William Vaughan as Casper Deputy
  • Adam Lolacher as Another Casper Deputy
  • Shiren Van Cooten as Social Worker
  • Jesse Reid as Surgical Resident
  • Beatrice Zeilinger as Nurse Dina Vizcaino
  • Teryl Rothery as J.L.
  • Taylor Hastings as Surgical Assist
  • Angela Moore as Nurse #2
  • Judith Maxie as Chuck's Wife
  • Hector Johnson as Chuck's Brother
  • Ken Do as Handsome Young Man


  • The episode title comes from an exchange where Shaun asks Claire what the donor's name was, and she tells him it was "Oliver."
  • Lea tells Shaun she needs batteries because her controller died while she was playing Uncharted. However, that series was only released on game consoles with rechargeable controllers. It is likely this was an oversight on the part of the writers.
  • Claire mentions that she has been in the surgical program at the hospital for 6 months and that Chuck was her first patient.