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"Quarantine"[1] is the tenth episode of Season 2 of The Good Doctor. It is the twenty-eighth episode overall, and aired on December 3, 2018.


Dr. Shaun Murphy and Dr. Audrey Lim treat two patients who collapse at the local airport and whose symptoms point to an infection that may become airborne. The staff races to contain the infection before it spreads to the rest of the patients in the ER, resulting in a hospital quarantine during the holidays.[2]


It begins when Dr Neil Melendez wakes up in bed next to Dr Audrey Lim both saying it's Dr. Marcus Andrews' fault. Lim says it was pretty great but it should never happen as it would make things complicated at work. She has to cover the ER today, as he jokes just before Christmas it will be a madhouse.

As Dr Shaun Murphy arrives at the hospital, where he sees Christmas lights everywhere. He doesn't like the noise, as Lim tells him she needs him on his game as two ambulances are coming in, back to back. The two patients that arrive are both from the airport and have collapsed. Shaun believes Marrianne's symptoms are from her long flight but Lim rushes off as her other patient loses his pulse again.

Lim calls to Shaun, who says that Marrianne's breathing should be getting better; as she continues to work on her patient. She tells Shaun in a central line, but he pauses as he notices something and in his mind he realizes something. He helps Lim, but it has been 30 minutes since her patient as responded and she orders them to stop compressions and calls the time of death. Shaun gets Marrianne to confirm she was on the same flight as the other patient, revealing they both have vascular rashes and whatever infection kiled him, Marrianne might have it too.

Marrianne is placed into a negative pressure room, as she worries she is going to die like the other patient. They don't know if they have the same thing, but she felt sick on the plane as has never traveled before. She says the man who died was sitting 6 or 7 rows in front of her, but she was never physically close to him; Shaun says that suggests it could be airborne and now everyone on the plane and this emergency room has been exposed.

Melendez, Dr Alex Park and Dr Claire Browne talk to their patient, Chris Santos about his chemo and radiation treatment. Alex says his dad is good to go on his bone marrow donation, but Chris says not to call Bob Cravens his father, as he walked out on him when he was 4; it was only biological material that gave him life. Chris complains about some pain and Melendez says it's showing him he is having a heart attack and they need radiation right now and get his donor in there now.

Andrews is o the phone with Lim, who feels a quarantine might be unnecessary but he will call CDC and Public Health Department to see who the passengers came to contact with. He calls for his clothes as he is going into the office. Dr Morgan Reznick thanks Tyler sarcastically, for having to called in on her day off. Her patient complaint about having a stomach ache from eating several dozens of candy canes. Morgan notices her patient has a scar and requests a CT.

Shaun grabs Tyler, revealing he also has the rash on his neck that wasn't there earlier. Tyler reveals he didn't keep the mask on the entire time, as Shaun explains it it vitally important to keep it on during airborne diseases. Marrianne's alarm sounds and they rushed off.

Alex calls Bob, saying they need to move up the transplant in order for his son to be healthy ans says they will see him soon. Alex is happy to see his son, who is more interested when he can use his phone than going to the batting cages.

They are unable to revive Marrianne as Morgan looks back at Tyler terrified for him. Lim reveals the staff that Andrews has put the hospital on soft quarantine whole he consults the board. All ambulances are to be diverted and they have to stall all discharges and turn away walk-ins. Tyler stays on antibiotics and isolation, but hey are to keep an eye on him. Shaun says he need to eat but Lim says patients first as she sorts through the patients that are already in the ER. Lim helps a woman who is very pregnant and worried that her husband is terrified about germs. Lim makes excuses, saying they want to do a nerve study to make sure her hand is okay. Alex's son tries to leave and is told not to, ordered bu Lim that he has to stay put and asks security to tell park where his son is.

Chris feels worse during his test but is assured his donor is on the way but goes to call to make sure as Chris says his dad is finding new ways to let him down. Shaun does another test instead of the CT because of circumstances but he is bothered by the buzzing of the light. He insists it is distracting and needs to be fixed. Bob Cravens wants to ask about a patient but is told he needs to wait.

Morgan attends to Tyler, who says where they are going on their date. He is kind and pats very close attention to her. He suggests sushi ans a cocktail settle his nerves, since she is smart and beautiful, but no drink for him because he needs to remain sharp and needs all the tolls in his toolbox. Tyler gets a fever and the rash has fully materialized.

Lim calls the order, announcing to the ER that everyone in it is under quarantine and has already infected 3 patients and everyone is being started in antivirals. Patients begin to get upset as they learn they are locked in, Bob freaks out, saying he needs to get out. He grabs a chair but Lim injects him and he drops to the floor saying, " Like it or not, no one's leaving. "

The doors outside are sealed and Andrews hold a press conference, revealing what is happening. Melendez, Alex, and Claire worry about the doctors who are down in the ER, as well as them waiting for Bob. Alex gets the call saying his son is downstairs and he runs out the door.

Shaun says " Santa Pete " needs surgery, and he needs to go as he had an appoint 37 minutes ago; but Lim says nothing is more important than this right now, asking if someone has a non-surgical plan to a bowel obstruction. Shaun begins to think, but the buzzing light keeps distracting him. He tries to explain but says it cannot be done but Nurse Deena Petringa says they can use saline enema, which might untwist he bowel; Lim says it it simple and might work.

Alex knows his son must be scared, but he insists he is fine and walks away. Lim and Shaun work on the saline solution with Santa, who initially feels uncomfortable; but then says he feels so much better. Morgan returns to Tyler explaining what will happen to him if this doesn't work for him. She distracts him about another idea for their first date; talking about archery, she can show him how to do it and then proceed to demolish him when they do it. He says that sounds like a reason to live as she holds his hand.

Lea Dilallo picks up Dr. Aaron Glassman to take him to his imaging appointment, revealing there is a quarantine at the hospital. Shaun feels fine other than missing lunch and his concern about Aaron missing his appointment. Aaron begs her to take him to the hospital, as he wants to help. He says some might find her sassy attitude, but he ins't one of them; for that, she is crushed.

Alex continues to look at his son when Viola's husband arrives, worried about her and the baby. She tells him to calm down, saying that he needs to remain calm because if something happens to her, she needs someone to take care of their son, He totally surprised they are having a boy; they exchange " I love yous" as Alex walks him back out and she breaks down. Santa Pete hugs her when Shaun is incapable of doing it.

Shaun answers Bob's phone, shocking Claire who finally figures out their donor is stuck in quarantine too. All the patients in the ER, sort of unite with Viola and concede to what is happening. Upstairs, Andrews learns the virus started in Malaysia last week, but all the planes are grounded due to the snow storm. All they know about he virus is similar to SARS, but much faster moving. Bob Cravens is not infected and Melendez is willing to risk everything to go into the ER to get it but Andrews orders him to find another donor because no one or their bone marrow is leaving the quarantine.

Shaun sits down and tries to eat his lunch, but when there is a pickle in it, he throws the entire thing out. Tyler thought about letting his mom know, but she knows he loves her. Lim comes in, asking about how things are going. He jokes that they were talking about Morgan's college lesbian experience but Lim get serious about his O2 stats ans they need to change things.

Claire tells Chris about the match they found but it is only 5 out of 8. Chris starts vomiting blood as Melendez says he needs a bone marrow or this infection will kill him within days, not weeks. He has lost count of hospital visits; just knowing his father shows up leaves him grateful ans relieved. He is okay with this being the end and wants to sign a DNR. If they can manage to find the match with his father before he dies, then go for it, but asks Claire to get the form.

Lim encourages Morgan to let he nebulizer time to work; she quickly tells Morgan to get her mask back on because she is infected, showing her the rash on her arm. Tyler knows they aren't any closer to figure it out, but on the bright side, he got Morgan. His stats go and Lim starts compressions.

Claire suggests they expand the quarantine, but Melendez feels there is no way Andrews would allow them to do that, but he tells her to wish him luck. Morgans helps with the compressions, even shocking him. Morgan refuses to give up but Lim orders her to stop and Morgan cries as Tyler is dead.

A patient complains calling Shaun "Doogie" and not a real doctor as Alex's son tells him to stop being a jerk. He demands more insulin; but Santa Pete tells Shaun he doesn't feel good and vomits all over the ignorant patient; both wondering if he has infected him, Shaun says it's possible. Shaun says to Santa that his obstruction has returned and they need to operate right now; needing to improvise.

Lim tells Morgan and Shaun they will have to do this "combat style", tying off each artery as they cut. Lim asks Morgan if she is ready, as they are. Morgan looks at Tyler's body one more time, and says she will go get the patient; Shaun tells Lim to go lie down. As soon as Santa Pete is out, they begin surgery.

Melendez confronts the board about expanding the quarantine but stops mid-sentence when he sees Lim infected. His phone rings and rushes off. Lim continues to guide Morgan and Shaun through the surgery, they find a dead and perforated bowel. Nurse Deena Petringa calls out for help in the ER and Lim tells Shaun to go, leaving Morgan alone.

Chris' vitals stop and Melendez disagrees with him signing the DNR; as Claire begins CPR. Shaun finds the patient who was vomited on. Shaun says he is in hypoglycemic shock. He looks up as the light continues to buzz. Kellan Park begins to cough uncontrollably and Alex starts yelling his name when everyone back away from him. Shaun holding his head.

Aaron is finally called back convincing them to hand him his imaging saying he is on his way to see Dr. Blaize right now outside he opens it with Lea by his side. He sits down and says. " It's back".

Morgan works on Santa Pete's bowels, calling for suction. She needs to use her finger to plug the hole, she asks Dr. Lim for guidance but when she looks up, Lim is on the ground with no response. Alex is screaming for his son as no one pays attention to him. Shaun is freaking out over by the sound but Kellan is able to take his inhaler. Lea sits beside Aaron as Alex locks eyes with his son, who is now breathing but looks scared. Morgan watches Lim helplessly as Shaun curls in a fetal position in the middle of the ER hallways floor.



Guest Starring


  • Juliana Wimbles as EMT
  • Veronika Hadrava as Marianne
  • Andrea Ware as Security Guard #1
  • Emerson Murray as Security Guard #2
  • Carly Bentall as Andrews' Assistant
  • Deborah Finkel as Attendant


  • This episode served as the winter finale for Season 2.
  • When Andrews is shown on a televised press conference, the TV has an "ABC 7" logo. This is a reference to the San Francisco Bay Area's ABC affiliate KGO-TV, owned and operated by ABC itself, the network that airs The Good Doctor.



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