"Seven Reasons" is the thirteenth episode of Season 1 of The Good Doctor. This episode aired on January 22, 2018.


Dr. Shaun Murphy suspects his patient is lying about the reason for her injury and makes a controversial assumption about her motives. Meanwhile, Dr. Neil Melendez’s personal life could be affecting his work and, ultimately, his patients lives.[2][3]


While on rounds with Marcus Andrews, Shaun Murphy asks if Jared Kalu and he are being punished because Jared sued the hospital and Shaun missed two days. They visit a patient: a girl with a burn on her arm. She suddenly starts to have chest pains but her vitals remain the same. This leads Shaun to become suspicious of the patient. Claire Browne is assisting in a surgery on a stroke patient who had an aneurysm with Dr. Lim. She learns that the doctor that harassed her not only got a new job but also got a raise.

Shaun and Kalu inform the patient that she wasn't having a heart attack but that the scans did show that her lungs were inflamed. The patient tells Kalu not to touch her unless it is medically necessary. Shaun doesn't believe anything that she's telling them. Claire goes to the director and asks why they didn't fire the doctor. She learns it's because their stories didn't match. Doctor Lim tells the stroke patients family that he's going to be okay but then Claire comes and tells her that they've found another aneurysm. Shaun, Kalu, and Dr. Neil Melendez do a bronchoscopy on the patient. The scope breaks through the bronchial wall and they hurriedly prep for surgery because she is hemorrhaging.

Shaun goes to see Dr. Aaron Glassman. Shaun asks where he was since they always have breakfast on Mondays. He also asks Dr. Glassman if he should report Dr. Melendez for having punctured the patient's bronchial wall. Dr. Glassman tells him that he should make this decision for himself. Dr. Andrews and Dr. Lim discuss what to do about the stroke patient. Dr. Andrews suggests that they ask Dr. Coil to help with the surgery. Claire is against it but Dr. Lim says that they have to think of the patient. Jessica Preston asks Dr. Melendez if the reason he accidentally hurt a patient was because he was hurt about their breakup. He says no that he's fine.

Shaun asks the patient why she lied about inhaling smoke. She says that she was just confused. She suddenly starts to throw up. Claire and Dr. Lim talk to the wife about how her husband needs the surgery or else he will die. She decides not to consent to the surgery. Claire and Shaun have breakfast together. They discuss Claire's patient and Shaun says that if you love someone you'd do anything to prevent their death. Melendez and Jessica talk about how he screwed up. Melendez is upset because she believes Murphy over him. He is adamant that the puncture wasn't his fault. Claire confronts the wife saying that she either loves her husband enough to let him go or hates him enough to let him die. The wife says to just let him die so that her son can have good memory of his father.

Shaun hypothesizes that their patient could be a terrorist because of the presence of ethanol in her body. Melendez doesn't agree that she is a terrorist just because she's Muslim. He believes that unfounded speculations can destroy a persons life. Claire tries to convince her patient's wife by threatening to go to court. She signs the consent form. Shaun confronts his patient about being a terrorist. She ends up having a heart attack. Melendez talks to a lawyer about the surgery. Claire performs the surgery but Dr. Lim and she end up having to terminate the procedure due to BP skyrocketing. They need to figure out what they missed. Shaun and Jared have opposing views on how to treat the patient. Melendez decides to put her on antibiotics. Claire accuses the wife of trying to kill her husband by filling his capsules with sugar. They come to the conclusion that the son might've done it. The patient's vitals end up spiking so Kalu switches from antibiotics to steroids. Shaun says Dr. Melendez should thank Kalu for saving her life.

Shaun knocks on Lea's old door and meets his new neighbor. Claire goes to tell the wife that the surgery went well but the wife and son are gone. Shaun, Kalu, and Melendez learn that their patient was using ethanol to create perfume. Melendez and Jessica talk about their relationship. Claire talks with Kirsten, another woman who worked with Dr. Coil. Shaun talks to Dr. Glassman about having breakfast. He tells him that he needs a friend. Dr. Glassman says he can't be his friend. Shaun begins to cry so he leaves. He goes and buys a pine tree air freshener to remember Lea.



Guest StarringEdit


  • Keoni Rebeiro as Payton Carpenter
  • Art Kitching as Cole Carpenter
  • Hayley Sales as Zoe Salter
  • Sarah Troyer as Kristen