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"Never forget, you're the smart one. You can do anything. And I'm proud of you, Shaun."
—Steve Murphy[src]

Steve Murphy was the younger brother of Shaun Murphy. He died while they were both young, by falling off of a train the two boys were climbing on.


Season 1

Steve was very protective of Shaun, and seemed to be the most at ease with Shaun's autism and was better able to communicate with him. When their father killed Shaun's rabbit, Steve spent most of the night in a rain storm searching for a place to help the rabbit. Later, Steve moved with Shaun to an abandoned breakers yard to live there and avoid their father. Steve organized an event with other children so that Shaun could make friends while playing hide and seek with the other kids. While they were walking on top of a train, Steve tripped, fell off, and died. This tragic event served as a catalyst for Shaun to pursue a career in medicine.[2]

Season 3

In "First Case, Second Base," after getting his first lead surgery, Shaun dreams he’s sharing a bunkbed with Steve who encourages Shaun through his doubts and anxieties. As Shaun begins his surgery, Steve appears behind his brother, smiling as he watches. As Shaun begins panicking , later on, Steve helps him calm down and watches as Shaun puts in the last stitch, appearing as the only other person in the room to Shaun aside from the patient.

In "Friends and Family," after returning to Wyoming, Shaun visits Steve's grave with Aaron Glassman and Lea Dilallo. In a flashback, its shown that after Steve's funeral, attended by Shaun, their parents and Glassman, Shaun refused to return home with his parents, wanting nothing more to do with them. In another flashback, a younger Steve watches as Shaun refuses to cross a river with their father who, fed up, carries his son across. In the present, when seeing his dying father again, Shaun blames him for Steve's death. Later, when Shaun tries to make amends with Ethan before he dies, Ethan turns venomous and blames Steve's death on Shaun, telling Shaun that Steve only ever wanted to impress Shaun.

In "Hurt", while Shaun is crawling through the wreckage of the brewery in an attempt to save Lea, Steve's hallucination appears and tells him that she is not worth saving because she does not love him, and that he should stop trying to be the hero. Steve keeps insisting it's not worth it despite Shaun protesting that he always said he could do it. Despite Steve's warnings, Shaun decides to continue through the wreckage.




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